Friday, November 30, 2007


I am a very moderate Brit who saw the damage excessive union power did to my country in the 70's. I am not a militant. However, I am a writer and the contemptous, cynical behaviour of the AMPTP is truly something to behold - if unsurprising in a town where the writer is still seen as something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of the star's shoe. If the AMPTP's long-term intention is to break the WGA, that is not going to happen; this experience simply radicalises us more each day. If the belief is, as I suspect: 'To hell with 'em! We'll just get more writers who WILL take this crappy deal', (witness the long lists of names on movie credits for evidence of the prevailing 'Change the writer!' attitude) then bear this in mind, guys: yes, you can replace me; but you will take YEARS to replace us all. Good luck with the utter dreck you'll be pumping out in the meantime.

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