Friday, November 16, 2007

Today's waffle

We're up against people who don't think they should share more than a third of a cent for reuse of the material we create. Do people who oppose us oppose the whole royalties and residuals system - or just for writers? As for the notion that we all go around in Range Rovers and eat gold, check the facts: the average writer's salary is $60,000. That's in the years they are working. The years they aren't? Nothing - supplemented by those pesky residuals which the studios wish to take away. Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives, struggled by on Golden Girls residuals for 15 years before having his big break. Love it or hate that show, no residuals, no Desperate Housewives. And that goes for many, many beloved shows and films, which were created by writers struggling along, developing their great work before selling it. Even if you think we're spoilt idiots lucky to be writing at all, if you want any quality to survive in the digital age, if you have even a crumb of dread about being subjected to endless YouTube amateur impressions of George Bush or videos of peoples' cats dressed as Britney Spears, then you will back us. Believe me, the writers go away, so do all the classic shows.

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